Weighing out weed:

  • Me: damn dude these are some fat ass nugs
  • Max: i know dude theres fuckin taters in there!
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I like you because when i batted my eyelashes on your face you said “THIS IS WAR” and did it right back.

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aye niggas, so in the past couple days i lost my job, my car, and both of my parents kicked me out. Ive pretty much hit rock bottom and im trying to figure all my shit out before my 17th birthday. Im staying with friends right now until then.. but yeah im just letting yall know cause im gonna be off the map for a while. So, wish me luck guys. And for you guys that reallllly know me, you can contact me through eric. Peace!

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wow you make me so happy

lol that night though…

im really happy these days 

2 grams of wax :))

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bring your love baby, i can bring my shame

bring your drugs baby, i can bring my pain

you make me so happy but i want to backhand you all the same, douche lord 


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